Cloth nappy rental

Cloth nappy rental package

Are you still undecided which cloth nappy you should choose? Then the cloth nappy rental package is the right choice for you. You will quickly find the right system.

This test package contains all the different popolini systems for you to try out. The amount of nappies is enough for the whole rental period to change nappy with cloth.

We check the nappies after each rental and make sure that they are hygienically washed. Thus, the full absorbency is given, and you can start testing immediately upon receiving the package.

How can I rent cloth nappies?

For private persons:

If a personal pickup at a popolini store is not possible, we will gladly send the test package directly to your home. The test package will be assigned directly after receipt of the rental agreement and deposit. Costs: 15 € rent/week, 150 € deposit

If you are interested in a rental package, send us an inquiry with the child's weight, height, and age by e-mail to:

For midwives and consultants:

We are more than happy to put together sample packages for midwives, cloth nappy consultants, and nappy-free coaches. If you are interested in a cooperation, please send your request by e-mail to:

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