Cloth nappy systems

Cloth nappies: concept & systems

For more than 30 years, we have been allowed to accompany countless parents and babies as they grow up. We have gained a lot of experience during these years. On this page, we give you an insight into popolini’s cloth nappies so that you can find a suitable system for yourself as well as your child.


The basic principle is the same for most of the cloth nappies: 3 layers can be formed differently:

  • nappy fleece

  • absorbent core

  • waterproof cover

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nappy fleece

The nappy fleece is placed in the nappy as the top layer to catch the stool, which can be easily disposed of with the help of biodegradable material. If the urine has ended up in the nappy, the fleece can be reused and washed a few times. The nappy fleece can also be used as a wet cleaning wipe.

absorbent core

As the name implies, the task of the absorbent core is to absorb liquid and store it until the next nappy change. The thicker the material, the more capacity the nappy has. This part is replaced and washed with each changing nappies.
For older children or larger amounts of urine, additional insoles can be inserted to increase the absorbency.

waterproof cover

In order to prevent the moist absorbent core from coming into contact with clothing, the top layer is a waterproof cover. Breathable covers made of polyurethane (PU) are suitable for this purpose.
If the covers are only slightly soiled, they can be wiped out and reused in many cases. In the case of coarse stool or odour, it can also be washed.


Each cloth nappy has its features and advantages. Our washable nappies are available in 3 Systems:

2-part System

This nappy consists of two individual parts:

  • absorbent nappy

  • waterproof covers

The 2-part system can absorb a lot of liquid and is the perfect solution for longer changing nappies intervals or over the night.

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2-in-1 System

This nappy consists of:

  • absorbent core (muslins, prefolds or inserts)

  • waterproof covers

Into the waterproof covers insert an absorbent core – muslins, prefolds or particularly absorbent inserts. The volume and the absorbency power of the nappy can be individually adjusted.

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Basic equipment:

  • 25-30 inserts

  • 3-5 covers

Absorbent core:


3-in-1 System

This system consists of three parts, a waterproof pouch is attached to the soft outer nappy and fitted with absorbent inserts. The absorbency of the terry cloth liner can be increased by adding booster inserts (not included). This slim nappy is particularly breathable.

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Basic equipment:

  • 3 outside nappies

  • 6 pouches

  • 25-30 inserts

  • 25-30 boosters


  • 1-2 packs of nappy fleece

  • 5-10 washcloths or cleaning wipes

  • 2 large nappy bags (Rondo) or

  • 1 nappy pail + 2 laundry nets

  • 2 small nappy bags for on the go

  • 1-2 washable changing liners (swaddle blanket)

Optional accessories

  • 3 body extensions

  • 1-2 swim nappies

  • 5-8 Stay-Dry wipes (instead of the nappy fleece and as a supplement for the night nappy)

  • Bourette silk insert (for irritated or red skin instead of the nappy fleece)

  • Snappi nappy clip (if you are changing nappies with prefolds or muslin nappies)

Selection guide

Are you interested in cloth nappies but can't decide on a nappy yet? No problem. We offer you various selections: