Nappy voucher

Nappy voucher

Why a nappy voucher?

Approximately 1 ton of nappy waste is generated from using disposable nappies until a child becomes dry. Disposal and incineration are costly, time-consuming and causes chemical residues that must be stored for a longer period.

For this reason, municipalities and the Waste Management Association are promoting the reduction of nappy waste. A promotion has been launched to make it easier for families to use sustainable nappy products.

What is a nappy voucher?

The purchase of cloth nappies is supported with a nappy voucher. The voucher is distributed to expectant parents almost nationwide in Austria. The exact voucher amount varies between 60-200€ and results from the subsidies of the municipality, the waste management association, the manufacturers and the selling store. The subsidized amount is done through the WIWA association.

Where can I get the nappy voucher?


In Vienna, there is a voucher in each document folder as a gift for pregnancy/birth.


In the remaining Austrian municipalities, the voucher can be picked up at the respective municipal office.


In parts of Germany, the purchase of cloth nappies is subsidized with the so-called "nappy subsidy". The municipality pays this individual amount upon presentation of the invoice. Further information can be found on

How can I redeem the nappy voucher?

In a popolini store

Simply bring the voucher with you to the store when you purchase cloth nappy equipment. We will then fill it out together on site and deduct the subsidized amount from your bill.

In the online shop

  1. Create a customer account in the online store. Click here to register.

  2. After registering in the online shop, please send us the completed voucher with all carbon copies and contact information (name and e-mail address) to the address below.

    popolini – cloth nappy voucher
    Schuhfabrikgasse 17/2
    1230 Vienna

  3. You will receive a voucher code from us by e-mail, which you can redeem in the online shop.

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