Tips for changing cloth nappies

It’s great that you decided to use cloth nappies. In addition to saving costs, you are also doing something good for your child and the environment. With our experience of over 30 years, we can give you some tips for changing cloth nappies.

1. Purchase

  • Inform yourself about cloth nappies and their different systems before your purchase

  • Get personal advice from our qualified employees in our popolini stores

  • In our nappy tutorials you can see how cloth nappies work

  • You can easily test cloth nappies with our rental package

  • Choose natural products that are fairly produced

  • If you already know which cloth nappies you want to use, it is helpful to equip yourself before birth and have your selection at home - so you can start immediately and quickly gain confidence in changing cloth nappies

2. Wash and Care

  • We advise you to wash new cloth nappies at least three times before usage to ensure full absorbency

  • Close Velcro fasteners before washing. Clean the Velcro from time to time

  • After washing, pull the nappy into shape when it's still damp

  • Follow the washing and care instructions

3. Changing

  • Use a waterproof nappy cover (or a waterproof pouch in the 3-in-1 system)

  • Use inserts to increase absorbency - especially at night

  • When swaddling, make sure the fabric fits snugly in the folds of the legs

  • Don’t make the nappy too wide for small and slim babies - a one-sized nappy can easily be adjusted in size (we show you how to do this in our cloth nappy changing videos)

  • Check the edges of the covers from the leg cuffs, and make sure no fabric is peaking out

  • There are practical nappy fastener for changing prefolds and muslins

  • Stay-Dry cloths are suitable as a supplement for the overnight nappy

  • For irritated or reddened baby skin, we recommend a bourette silk liner

  • A changing mat and a nappy bag are great for road trips

  • Use natural care products

  • You can find cloth nappy instructions on YouTube and the respective product page in the online shop

4. Clothing

  • Cloth nappy bums need a little more space. We recommend comfortably cut pants (e.g. Crawler pants and body extender)

  • Swim nappies are suitable for swimming

  • If your child takes longer to get dry, trainer pants support getting clean during the transitional period

  • If you are interested in the topic of EC(elimination communication), you can find books, nappy products, and clothing in our online shop

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