Cloth nappy rental packages

For anyone unsure about cloth nappies, we offer extensive packages for rent. This will help you to find the right solution quickly!

These test packages include all different popolini systems for trying-out and exploring. The amount of nappies is sufficient to use cloth nappies only during the time of rent.

All nappies are accurately checked and professionally washed after each rent for offering you perfect conditions and high absorbency from the moment you receive your test package.

In case you cannot visit one of our popolini shops, we are also happy to send you the test package directly to your home address.

It only takes the signed rental agreement as well as a safety deposit.

Price: 15€ per week, deposit: 150€

If you are interested in one of our test packages, please contact us anytime with the size, weight, and age of your child under


In case you are already sure which system is your favorite, it is helpful to purchase them before giving birth. Having your cloth nappies ready at home will make your life easier to get started and become confident in using sustainable cloth nappies.

For midwives and advisors:

We are happy to assemble presentation packagaes for midwives, cloth nappy advisors and elimination/communication coaches. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us any time under