S (~2,5-5 kg/~5,5-11 lb) | M (~4,5-10 kg/~10-22 lb) |
L (~9-15 kg/~20-33 lb)

The EasyFree is a hybrid nappy, consisting of 3 parts:
• The outside nappy offers stability and an optimal fit.
• The PU-coated pouch serves as a waterproof barrier. It is snapped into the outside nappy.
• An insert inside the pouch absorbs moisture. An additional booster can be added to increase absorbency.
For easy-pottying with elimination communication babies, you simply hook up the W-free belly strap to the outside nappy. It offers you to open and close the EasyFree within seconds.

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1 Snap the pouch into the outside nappy.
2 Place the insert and booster into the pouch and fix it with snaps.
3 After closing the nappy, move your finger along the pouch’s edge for a perfect fit.


+ for full use or elimination communication
+ simple nappy change
+ 3 sizes for an optimal fit
+ slim nappy bum
+ individually adaptable absorbency
+ reduced laundry – for the environment

– short changing intervals recommended
– requires several sizes