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The Prewalkers were created by Froddo inspired by little feet learning to walk. Soft, naturally tanned leather is used for production. The leather is free from harmful substances and chrome. The shoes are soft, flexible and imitate walking barefoot. In this way, they enable the natural and healthy development of children's feet. The shoes are suitable as slippers as well as street shoes. The sole is made of non-slip, waterproof rubber. The double Velcro fastener makes it easy to adjust the shoe to your child's foot.

19….. insole length 12,2 cm
20….. insole length 12,9 cm
21….. insole length 13,5 cm
22….. insole length 14,2 cm
23….. insole length 14,8 cm

100% naturally tanned leather
Sole: rubber

- When choosing the right shoe size, it is important to note that the shoe should be 12mm longer than the foot. That corresponds to    about the width of a thumb.
- When using outside, the shoes should be well waterproofed.
- Please note that naturally tanned leather changes its color slightly after proper shoe care. It absorbs the shoe care product and becomes a little darker as a result.
- Sunlight, on the other hand, can lighten the leather.


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