How does it work?

We offer a multitude of different cloth nappy systems and individual options. The main principle yet remains the same: There are always 3 layers, that you may arrange in different ways:

  • the fleece
  • the absorbent core and
  • the waterproof shell or cover

The following interactive illustration helps you to understand the system precisely.


The fleece:

Our nappy fleece serves as the first layer on your baby’s bum for collecting poo. It prevents major soiling of the absorbent core and helps you remove the dirt with the help of a biologically degradable material.

In case there is only urine in the nappy when you change it, you may easily wash and reuse the fleece multiple times.


The absorbent core: 

As the name suggests: the absorbent core’s task is to take up urine and store it until you change the nappy. The thicker the material, the more capacity it has. This part gets replaced at every nappy change.

For older children or more considerable amounts of urine, you may insert extra inlays to raise the absorbency.


The cover

To avoid the absorbent core to come into contact with your child’s clothing, we finally add a waterproof cover for a top layer (only exception is the “Easy Free”). You can use either fitted covers made from coated, breathable polyurethane or even pure wool covers as moisture protection.

In case the waterproof cover is only slightly tainted, you can wipe and reuse it again. After that, it should also be washed.