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    News from Tiszalök


    At this time of the year, you can hear the peaceful rattling of the sewing machines from our production site spreading over across the little hungarian town “Tiszalök”. This sound is caused by our busy workers, who are right now producing the iobio™ summer collections “Atlantis” and “la mer”. Our workers need to begin cutting, printing, sewing, ironing, etc our organic summer clothing during winter so they will be available on retail for your baby and child on time. Only with a long enough pre-production time span we can guarantee a punctual start of the summer season´s availability in our Viennese Storage and in Shops all over Europe. This is why now we are really busy producing the fresh, summery Designs that are then ready to be worn on warm days of spring and summer!

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    Sigrid Feyferlik

    Sigrid Feyferlik

    Managing Director

    "My family, my children and my granddaughters give me the energy and the strength to implement our company philosophy every day. And it's still fun! "
    Gerhard Feyferlik

    Gerhard Feyferlik

    Authorized Representative

    "As long as the ideas still flow, and some of them can be implemented now and then, I am as happy as a little kid."