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    Practical tips for hot summer days


    Practical tips for hot summer days


    Summer is here! For the hot season we especially recommend the following light and airy materials:

    Single Jersey: (quality number: 02)

    Single jersey is a thin, elastic, finely knitted fabric that is easy to maintain. The fabric feels comfortable on the skin and is perfect for airy summer clothing. Have a look at our garments made of light single jersey, like Tunic Hanna, Playsuit, Shirt Elena, Shirt AlexDress Laura etc.


    Fine Rib: (quality number: 03)

    Rib is a very elastic and stretchable knitted fabric. The high elasticity makes this fabric comfortable to wear – it’s used especially for garments like bodysuits and underwear. Rib retains its original shape after washing and is easy to clean. It can be washed at higher temperatures. Garments made of our fine rib feel very comfortable on the skin, like the Undertank Feinripp, Blouse Ida, Pyjama 1/2 Boys, Pyjama 1/2 Girls, Dress Emma  etc.


    Poplin: (quality number: 20)

    Poplin is a woven fabric made out of two different yarns (a slightly finer, highly twisted yarn and a slightly thicker, soft twisted yarn). By combining the two yarns the tightly woven fabric gets the special haptic/surface. It has a smooth, comfortable grip. Our Pants Sevilla or the Dress RoseDress FloraFarmer Lisboa, Shorts Milano, etc. are made from delicate poplin.


    Interlock Fine: (quality number: 22)

    Interlock fine is very thin and light knitted interlock fabric. Due to its high durability, interlock (fine) is especially suitable for children’s clothing. Garments made of interlock fine feel very comfortable on the skin, like our Shirt ½ from Sandbox Collection or Tunic Poppy, Skirt Violetta Dress Josy, Shirt Alex, Playsuit, etc.


    Our GOTS certified products are sustainable, fair and free from harmful substances. We only use materials with best skin- and environmental compatibility.


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    bild_sandbox2 Ida

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