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    The Precious – good to know: Wool/Silk

    The Precious – good to know: Wool/Silk

    We have long known what the sports industry is now rediscovering: the many reasons that make a combination of 70% merino wool and 30% soft silk so precious. Soft, cuddly, warming in autumn and in winter, pleasant temperature-balancing in spring and summer – “Fine Rib Wool/Silk” is really an all-rounder! We have created a small list of facts around this wonderful material, so you too can benefit from the advantages of “WoSi” and enjoy the pieces for a long time!

    1. Protection in winter

    It’s cold outside and the temperature in the apartment or house is quite cool. You are constantly freezing… By choosing the right materials for your loved ones (and, of course, yourself!), you can provide the necessary warmth with a few good pieces of clothing. At best, when it comes to natural materials. Underwear from WoSi can be an ideal “lower layer” for this and is the smart base of a wonderfully warm winter outfits. But even for changing temperatures (eg taking outside walks / heated apartment or heated public transport systems), the combination of wool and silk is a real wild card. Because especially by such temperature differences, the immune system and the delicate baby skin are strained – here WoSi acts by its natural thermoregulatory effect balancing and protective.

    1. Pleasant in the summer

    Even if the days are warmer, we can benefit from the advantages of this “all-rounder” – highly air-permeable and breathable, laundry from WoSi is wonderful as a basic clothing! Due to the above-mentioned thermoregulatory effect, a healthy skin climate even on warm days is guaranteed and excess body heat is released to the cooler environment. The “built-in anti-cold protection”: the wool fiber can absorb up to 33% of its dry weight in vaporous moisture (sweat), without feeling damp. Thus, you can be carefree, if small, fresh “breezes” on warm days spontaneously chill the air. Treat your baby to the comfort of WoSi even in summer, we suggest!


    1. Wool <3 Silk

    Wool loves silk! These two natural materials make an unbeatable combination and complement each other haptically wonderful. Here, the high quality of the wool and the suppleness of the silk provide a wonderful wearing comfort, which one would like to experience again and again.
    Wool and silk are just a good team!


    1. Lanolin – Natural protector

    Due to its naturally contained lanolin content, wool has a slightly antibacterial effect and a natural self-cleaning function. “Lanolin” is the name of this wool wax, which ensures that wool is so dirt and odor resistant. Absorbed odors are thereby separated into the air, which is why wool smells fresh and neutral again after a short time in the fresh air. Lanolin also protects the fiber from moisture and can cause drops of water to roll off the surface.

    1. Animal and environment

    The very fine and high-quality merino wool used for our WoSi is shorn by the living sheep (Merino sheep) and comes from species-appropriate, natural and respectful animal husbandry. This is guaranteed by the additional description of “organic” on the material composition label. The welfare of the animal is in the foreground: the feed must be GM-free, the reproduction of the animals takes place naturally and interventions on the animal, which are practiced in conventional wool, are prohibited here. In addition, the use of pesticides and insecticides is prohibited (even for the pastures on which these animals graze).
    The animal protein fiber silk is obtained from the cocoons of silk-sprouting insects: silkworms, which feed exclusively on mulberry leaves. The quality of their diet is finally reflected in the quality of the silk. Here, insecticides or pesticides are not used, which is why the silk is residue-free.
    The WoSi used by us is knitted in Germany and certified with the GOTS Standard , which we are particularly proud of!

    1. Stains? – No need to panic!

    Some people say WoSi is so special that it’s almost a bit of a pity for a baby or toddler because of the many kinds of stains that will most probably appear on the clothes over time. We think: the little ones should definitely benefit from the great advantages of this material combination – in their very own way! Small food stains can often be eliminated with a damp cloth (thank you, lanolin!), and against odors we recommend: exposing the garment to fresh air and light – put it on a hanger into an open window, on the balcony or of course in the garden. WoSi should be washed as rarely as possible. But if it is necessary, be gentle. In the machine at a maximum of 30°C in the hand wash program or carefully wash by hand: please do not knead or “screw”, as in the wet state, the fibers can “break” ever so easy.

    Just think about washing your hair: not too warm, no aggressive cleaners and then air-dry – it’s easier than you think!

    As enthusiastic WoSi fans, we may have forgotten to mention something important? Or would you like to share your personal experiences or tips with us? We welcome your messages or comments and we wish you a lot of fun with our popular underwear classics from WoSi!
    Your iobio ™ Team!




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