Our production


We believe that we can only truly refer to our products as “sustainable” if we produce the majority of them in Europe. Not only does this mean shorter transport routes, it also simplifies the development and improvement of our iobio™ and PoPoLiNi@ products. Only close cooperation between product development and production as well as good communication between the companies create the quality we can be proud of!


Our production site „Bamiko Kft“ is locatede 230 km east of Budapest in the idyllic Tiszalök on the Tisza river. 71 employees, some with many years of experience, diligence and great attention to detail, ensure the perfect implementation of our Vienna-designed iobio™ and PoPoLiNi@ models.



The region where our sewing plant is located used tob e an important center of the garment industry, where many people specialized in textile processing. Gradually, however, numerous large corporations had relocated their production facilities to Asia for economic reasons and the previously flourishing sewing and production facilities in and around Tiszalök had to close.


So when we were looking for a suitable production team and site for our PoPoLiNi@ and iobio™ products in 2008, in this very rural area we were miraculously meeting a pool of motivated, well-educated employees who were already familiar with the industry and the opening of Bamiko Kft could finally work on well known territory angain.


Over the years, demand for our products has grown rapidly – and so has our Hungarian production facility. Since 2008, we have increased our sewing operations from 8 to 71 employees. GOTS certified and thus also in harmony with the naturalness of the area (eg: bird sanctuary and annual stork breeding site…), Bamiko Kft is ideally suited as a producer of our natural, social and low-emission baby and toddler products. Annual inspections by independent testing institutes guarantee fair and safe working conditions, so that cooperation will continue in the future on the basis of high production standards, sustainability and mutual respect and honest appreciation.


We look forward to a long, friendly future together with our Hungarian partner company and think that you can feel the care which our iobio™ and PoPoLiNi® products were made in the little village of Tiszalök!