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The lanolin from popolini for impregnating woolen textiles is BHT-free, residue-controlled and PH eur compliant.

Content: 150 g

Made in Germany.

By wearing the wool overpants, the lanolin is gradually removed and hast o be added again from time to time.

How to grease with lanolin?
You need:
- pure lanolin (wool fat)
- Soap as an emulsifier
- 1 bowl of lukewarm water
- 1 bowl of hot water
- one or more damp, washed wool diaper(s)

1) Dissolve some soap in lukewarm water
2) Dissolve lanolin in hat water (about ½ tsp lanolin per diaper)
3) Pour the soap solution into the lanolin bath and stir until the fat spots disappear and a milky emulsion is formed.
4) Now place the washed wool diaper inside out in the bowl – make sure that the water is no longer hot.
5) Leave the wool diaper in the solution for 5-6 hours
6) Take out the wool diaper and gently wring it out – Careful, do not wring! To squeeze out even more excess water, you can squeeze them out in a towel.
7) Finally let it dry flat0175-00-0000-376-0


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