Nappy voucher

Why nappy voucher?

Around 1 ton of trash is produced when using disposable nappies until a baby is dry. The dispose and combustion is expensive, laborious and still include toxic residues that need to be stored in the long term.

Therefore, it is in both the local communities’ and the waste management association’s interest to reduce nappy trash drastically. They started to encourage and support young families to use more sustainable nappy products. 


What is the nappy voucher?

The purchase of cloth nappies is supported in the form of a nappy voucher handed out to becoming parents almost all over Austria. The exact amount varies between 50€ - 250€ and comprises the community’s grants, the waste management association, the manufacturers, and the vending shop. The funded amount can be redeemed either in full for a basic set or partly for additions. The WIWA association ultimately deducts it from your purchase. (Hyperlink:


Where do I receive the voucher?


In Vienna, you can find a voucher in each “Wiener Dokumenten Mappe” (Hyperlink as a gift for every pregnancy/birth.

In all other Austrian municipalities, you can pick up your voucher at the specific town hall.


Parts of Germany sponsor the purchase of cloth nappies with the so-called “Windelzuschuss”. In that case, the local authority refunds an individual amount when they get presented with your receipt.


How can I redeem the nappy voucher?

In one of our popolini branches:

Bring your voucher along when you purchase your cloth nappy set in one of our popolini shops. We will be happy to fill it out with you and reduct the funded amount immediately from your receipt.


In the online shop:

After registering to our online shop, please send us the filled-out voucher, including all copies and your contact data to the address below. We will return a voucher code via email that you may redeem in our online shop.


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