Cloth diapers? YES, please!



All good things come in threes…or in seven? We listed some of the main reasons, why you should use PoPoLiNi® cloth diapers:

  • simple and convenient: Wash our nappies in the machine without ironing.
  • cosy and comfortable: Natural and breathable material, cooler in summer, ideal hip support.
  • wide range: From normal squares to conveniently fitted nappies, we have the right nappy.
  • durability: Treated with care our nappies last 200 washings and will fit until toilet trained.
  • big savings: Including care, the savings with cloth nappies will be 50-70% compared to throw away nappies.
  • better for the environment: One ton or a mountain of 4000 nappies will not end up in landfills or incineration. Astonishing how easy it is to care for the environment.
  • colorful: PoPoLiNi® cloth diapers are practical, can be applied quickly and are individually designed. With loads of different models, designs and covers we are able to offer the right nappy for everyone.

Your curiosity aroused? Have a look at our diverse NAPPY PRODUCT RANGE.

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Lynett Mitterer:
Bin super zufrieden. Kann es nur empfehlen.
Pia - PoPoLiNi Team:
Vielen Dank Lynett Mitterer :)

Sigrid Feyferlik

Sigrid Feyferlik

Managing Director

"My family, my children and my granddaughters give me the energy and the strength to implement our company philosophy every day. And it's still fun! "
Gerhard Feyferlik

Gerhard Feyferlik

Authorized Representative

"As long as the ideas still flow, and some of them can be implemented now and then, I am as happy as a little kid."