"natural Fiber cotton wool (Sheep-, Merinowool) silk(SE) Lavalan®       Artificial Fiber Polyester (PES) Polyamid (PA) Elasthane (EA) Polyurethan (PUR) Polypropylen (PP) Viscose (CV)"


PoPoLiNi® nappies – for a comfortable start in life

Differing to disposable nappies, our washable nappies support the baby’s natural posture and aid the healthy development of the hip joints. Furthermore it’s easier for your toddler to “feel” the connection between “wetting themselves” and “being wet” when wearing cloth nappies – experience shows that babies get toilet trained earlier in many cases.

Popolini® nappy systems combine absorbent nappies and nappy covers. We recommend using additional nappy liners (e.g. Popli) for easier removal of soiling.



1. Nappy liner (e.g. Popli)
For easy removal of soiling

2. Absorbent nappy
Different models are available for every budget, every preference and every purpose (day or night).

3. Cover (water barrier)
Available in numerous, colorful designs and various finishes.

„Wiwa“ is an Austrian, incorporated association for the promotion of cloth nappies. Learn more about the association and on the Wiwa Website.