"natural Fiber cotton wool (Sheep-, Merinowool) silk(SE) Lavalan®       Artificial Fiber Polyester (PES) Polyamid (PA) Elasthane (EA) Polyurethan (PUR) Polypropylen (PP) Viscose (CV)"

en_grundausstattung_top“Starter set” is our definition for the basic equipment (absorbent nappies, nappy covers,…) needed to comfortably get through your babies nappy period using cloth nappies. The final amount of nappies needed depends on how often you are going to wash them.
As we can tell most of the families with toddlers have a three day washing cycle. Due to the nappies of an average baby need to be changed five to six times a day, we recommend buying approximately 20 nappies at the beginning. In that way you even have enough time to wash and dry the nappies.
Our waterproof nappy covers mostly can be cleaned by being rinsed out with cold water – they don’t have to be changed after every change of nappies. Economical in usage you’ll only need about two or three nappy covers. Further more we recommend one pack of disposable fleece liners.