"natural Fiber cotton wool (Sheep-, Merinowool) silk(SE) Lavalan®       Artificial Fiber Polyester (PES) Polyamid (PA) Elasthane (EA) Polyurethan (PUR) Polypropylen (PP) Viscose (CV)"


1. Wash nappies before first use. The maximum absorbency is reached only after 3-4 washings. Close the Velcro before washing to avoid other laundry get tangled into the hooks.


2. Make sure the nappy is carefully covered by the outer cover (PopoWrap™ or Vento™) to accomplish accurate water protection.


3. Change nappies during the day every 3-4 hours. If needed use additional liners to increase absorbency. If the cover is not holding back the wetness, even though a 2nd liner was used, you might need the next (larger) size of covers.


4. Always use a flushable liner (Popli) as a poo catcher.


5. Collect wet nappies in a pail but not longer than 2 days (danger of mould!)


6. Nappies can be washed at 95 °C (195°F). To save energy we recommend washing them with your normal hot wash at 60 °C (140°F). Please prefer “sensitive” and ecological washing detergents – you will protect your baby, your laundry and the environment. Nappies become softer when you add half a cap of decalcifier (070301-00/00, p.58) to the last washing cycle. Spin the nappies at 1000 r.p.m. Never use conditioners!


7. Hard stains can be removed by applying gall soap (070299-00/00, p.58) or stain remover (070280-00/00 p.58). Let it operate before washing. Light stains will be removed when gall soap is added to the washing powder. (Dosage: one screw cup / 30ml for a complete machine load.)


8. Use the tumble-dryer at moderate temperatures. Bear in mind, that heavy use of the dryer might cause untimely wear of the material.


9. Covers need not be washed after every changing; in most cases a cold rinse is sufficient. Wash them once a week in the machine at 60 ° C (140 FH). Never use bleaching detergents. Important: tumble-drying, wringing or drying on the radiator might damage the coating.


10. After long-term use covers lose their water resistance in the seam areas. The seams can be reconditioned by applying some wool wax, pure lanolin (070407-00/00, p.58). Apply with cloth directly on the seam and warm up the area gently with a hair dryer.
Our nappies have been designed carefully to last an average of 200 washing cycles. In compliance under our care instructions, experience shows, that you can use our PoPoLiNi®-diapers (diaper amount of at least 20 pieces) about 200 washes long.