Sized nappy (S ~3-9 kg/~7-20 lb | L ~8-15 kg/~18-33 lb | XL ~14+ kg/~31+ lb)

The TwoSize is an absorbent nappy that can be closed with various snaps. It is available in 3 sizes. Fold leg ruffles inwards so they serve as poo catcher.
Size S can be used as a transition nappy until one sized nappies fit perfectly.
The TwoSize requires a waterproof nappy cover. You can find more information in the section ‘nappy covers’.

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+ slim fitted nappy
+ can be pulled up like a panty when closed
+ high absorbency
+ elastic bands for high leakage protection around the legs
+ snaps are easy to maintain
– requires several sizes
– no extra absorbant insert included