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Delicate liquid detergent 30 ml

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The Ulrich natürlich mild detergent (trial size) is suitable for all fine laundry items such as wool, silk and fur. During production, any addition of fragrances was deliberately avoided. For this reason, the Ulrich natürlich mild detergent is ideal for allergy sufferers. It should be emphasized that our Ulrich natürlich mild detergent is a concentrate. Because of this, you only need 20 ml per 2.5 kg of dry laundry for ideal washing results. The composition oft he individual raw material components was made in close coordination with the positive list oft he Nature Care Product Standard (NCPS). The raw materials used in the Ulrich natural mild detergent are easily biodegradable and therefore very environmentally friendly.

  • Use of high-quality, renewable raw materials
  • Limescale deposits reduced with lactic acid
  • No palm oil / fragrances / petrochemical ingredients / optical brighteners / enzymes
  • Eco-certified
  • Teste das „very good“ by the independent dermatological research institure Dermatest
  • Vegan

5 % - < 15 % nonionic surfactants, < 5 % anionic surfactants, benzyl alcohol aqua, lauryl glucoside, sodium coco sulfate, lactic acid, sodium chloride, benzyl alcohol

• Treat stubborn stains with the Ulrich natürlich stain remover with Panama bark extract or gall soap.
• We recommend Lanolin Wool Conditioner for regreasing woolen items.

Please follow the washing instructions on the garments

Made in Germany



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