Washing instructions

Nappy washing instructions


• dispose the dirty nappy liner
• close all velcros to avoid fibers getting caught
• collect used nappies in a wet bag or nappy bucket
• do not soak in water and store for max. three days


• load the washing machine as full as possible
• use a pre-wash program to rinse urine and poo
• select program for cotton or colored clothes, no eco programs
• we recommend washing at 40-60°C – check instructions on the care label
• use skin- and environmentally friendly detergent
• use the recommended amount of detergent
• do not use fabric softener – it reduces the absorbency of the nappy
• occasionally use ecologically harmless decalcifier for hard water
• treat stains with sunlight exposure or natural stain remover


• pull into shape while still wet
• dry completely
• if using a dryer, choose a delicate program


Wool care instructions


• air well after use
• when damp, hang out to dry
• approx. every 2 - 3 weeks wash & re-grease
• hand wash with mild or wool detergent; our recommendation: Ulrich natürlich delicate detergent
• after washing, pull well into shape and let dry lying down


• our recommendation: Ulrich natürlich wool cure
• mix wool cure under instructions with hot water & let cool down
• place previously washed wool cover in the mixture and soak for 4-6 hours
• press out moisture, do not wring
• pull well into shape and let dry lying down
• do not leave to dry in the sun or on a radiator to protect the wool fibres
• you need several washing and impregnation processes until a new pair of wool covers can be used