Iobio – our label for sustainable children's textiles

Besides cloth nappies, we also specialized in other sustainable textiles. For that matter, we founded the label "iobio" in 2000.

Derived from the Italian toddler language for "me baby", iobio sets early childhood development into the brand's focus. In loving manual work, we produce practical, comfortable, but most importantly, fashionable textiles for children between 0 and 6 years. Whether it be a summer dress or wool overalls, changing mats, or sleeping bags – there is something for every situation!

Our collection encompasses two categories:

iobio BASIC
– classic, simple, good

Practical cuts and subtle colors have proven themselves over the years. That's why our timeless classics are always available.

iobio Limited Edition
– refreshing, flexible, diversified

Multiple times per year, we release our limited editions – current designs in restricted numbers. These articles combine perfectly with the basic line and still offer refreshing novelties.

All textiles are free from toxic chemicals and additives. The entire iobio collection is GOTS certified. We produce these goods under fair working conditions in our own sewing factory in Hungary. Only through close collaboration with the 70 sewing employees, we may guarantee the best quality for your children.



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