62/68 ~3-6 kg/~7-13 lb | 74/80 ~5-10 kg/~11-22 lb | 86/92 ~9-15 kg/~20-33 lb | 98/104 ~14+ kg/31+ lb

The WoolPant is a double knitted cover made of wool. It is a natural and especially breathable moisture protection and can be worn over any absorbent nappy.
A new WoolPant has to be washed and impregnated several times until it seals perfectly.

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+ especially breathable
+ multiple sizes guarantee a perfect fit
+ doesn’t leave any marks on the edges
+ to be combined with any absorbent nappy
+ after usage without poo contact – air out after use
+ washing only every 2-3 weeks
– covers in several sizes needed
– wool needs to be washed separately
– regular wool cures (more on page 38)
– looks bulkier than PU-covers