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The WoolPant is a double knitted cover made of wool. It is a natural and especially breathable moisture protection and can be worn over any absorbent nappy. A new WoolPant has to be washed and impregnated seve-ral times until it seals perfectly.

+ especially breathable
+ different sizes for a perfect fit
+ doesn't leave any marks on the edges
+ can be combined with any absorbent nappy
+ optimal cover for the night
+ after usage without poo contact - air out after use
+ washing only every 2-3 weeks (with lanolin)

S: 62/62 / 3-6 kg / 7-13 lb
M: 74/80 / 5-10 kg / 11-22 lb
L: 86/92 / 9-15 kg / 20-33 lb
XL: 98/04 / 14+ kg / 31+ lb

100% wool, merino wool

• Handwashing only, do not iron, do not use tumble dryer
• We recommend a regular impregnation with lanolin

How to lanolise wool with lanoline?

You need:
• pure lanolin (wool grease)
• soap as an emulsifier
• 1 bowl of lukewarm water
• 1 bowl of hot water
• one or more damp, washed wool cover

1) Dissolve some soap in lukewarm water
2) Dissolve lanolin in hot water (about 1/2 teaspoon lanolin per nappy)
3) Pour the soap solution into the lanolin bath and stir until the fat eyes disappear and a milky emulsion forms.
4) Now, turn the diaper inside out and put the washed wool diaper into the bowl - make sure that the water is no longer hot.
5) Let the wool diaper sit in the solution for 5-6 hours 6) Take out the wool cover and squeeze it out carefully – Don't wring it! Use a towel to squeeze out even more water.
7) Finally, let it dry flat


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